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Megastar Monday: Pat Benatar

Good morning chickens,

I am back from the land of vodka an oh what a day to be back. I couldn’t be happier to be writing the intro for today’s Megastar artist. Pat Benatar has been a favorite of mine for a long time, from her hard hitting rock of the late 70’s to the bluesy styling of the early 90’s and everything in between and after.

Not only has Pat had 2 RIAA-certified multi-platinum albums, five platinum albums, three gold albums and 15 Billboard Top 40 Singles, the video for You Better Run was the second video which aired on MTV after that “other” song.


Although if things had gone differently we may have never had all the wonderful music from Pat Benatar that we do. Originally, she gave up her dream of going to Julliard to pursue a career in health care. Thankfully, that didn’t work out and in 1971 quit to pursue a music career. She also divorced her high school sweetheart in 1979. Making me think that love “was” a battlefield until she married bandmate Neil Giraldo 1982. The couple have been together and making beautiful music for over 30 years. It must be….True Love


We hope you enjoy our picks today, we have songs from almost all 12 Pat’s albums, but I have to admit, we hit the early stuff pretty hard. So if you have a favorite and you think we may have missed it, send us in a request and we will try to get that played. Hopefully today, but we may push it to another show that may or may not be coming up this week.

Before I put another notch in my lipstick case kisses,

Love (a shit ton) Axiomatic and the Punk (I’m having issues) Mummy




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